Published March 6, 2019

The Impact of the Summit on Tourism in Uganda

The GLS is expanding and gaining countrywide momentum in Uganda.

The stories we keep hearing are awe-inspiring. We are watching the GLS not only impact pastors and marketplace leaders, but government leaders as well. And the following ripple-effect story is no less powerful.

The GLS is changing the tourism sector of society to increase economic development across the country.

How do you change a country by building into the leadership of tourism?

In 2016, there was demand to bring the GLS to the eastern part of the country, but they didn’t yet have a location to host it.

Betty Byanyima, the GLS team leader in Uganda, was looking for a location when she sought out a local hotel called Mbale Resort Hotel. She approached the hotel management and boldly asked if it would be possible to use their facility for free.

The hotel received the first and only five star rating in the region.

They said yes!

As a thank you, Betty offered to share one of the messages from the GLS with their hotel staff. She chose to share Horst Schulze’s GLS session on improving your customer service and hospitality.

The hotel held their own private, mini GLS training and listened to Horst’s inspiring message. They left that day motivated and passionate about the future of their hotel and immediately applied the lessons they learned from Horst.

In the following three months, the hotel received the first and only five star rating in the region.

They attribute their successful work on hospitality to what they learned from Horst Schulze.

But it doesn’t stop there.

Not only did the hotel gain public attention for their new 5-star status, but the government also took notice.

What happened next created a ripple effect. Here’s why…

Uganda is attempting to combat poverty by boosting tourism to build their GDP. Tourism was once Uganda’s fourth largest earner in foreign exchange, but political instability and war brought it down.

With a recent stabilization in the political climate, the government has been focusing on building into tourism for the sake of overall economic development.

The Vice President of Uganda, Hon Edward Ssekandi, the Minister of State for Tourism, Hon. Kiwanda and the CEO of the Tourism Board, Mr. Steven Assiime attended the premier GLS event in Uganda. As a result, the government’s Tourism Board started working with Betty and her GLS team.

We are really thankful to God for the doors he has opened for us,” Betty shares.

The team in Uganda created this video showing the impact of the GLS on tourism, featuring Gary Schwammlein and Horst Schulze who recently visited to witness the impact. Be inspired!

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